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1. Will you require an Internet training session? YES NO
If YES how many people
2. Will you host your web pages on our computer? (NO to Host on another) YES NO
3. Will you require interactive forms such as E-Mail order forms from site visitors? YES NO
4. Do you require any advanced services such as Internet-based BBS's, on-line shopping, or interactive services? YES NO
If YES, can you briefly describe your requirements?
5. Do you currently have access to the Internet? YES NO
6. Do you require Internet access? YES NO
7. Will you require a unique domain name (i.e. YES NO
8. Will you require support for automated mailing list? YES NO
9. Do you have prepared artwork (slides or photography)? YES NO
10. Will you require custom artwork (slides or photography)? YES NO
11. Is most of your publication material in electronic format (i.e. word processors, etc.)? YES NO
12. Do you require our promotional services to assist you in promoting your Company across the Internet? (Our one-time fee=$200.00)? YES NO
13. Do you require sound and videos? YES NO
14. How many 8½" pages of information do you require?