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"How to get your Company on the WEB"

The above Sample is a Standard Home Page with a Company Logo, Address, Phone Number,
E-Mail Address (if Required) and Buttons for the Various Categories.

1996 Pricing (Custom Site)

THE ABOVE SITE (365 Days / Contract)
Home Page with no Buttons ............ $1.00 / Day
              Each Button .......... + $0.25 / Day
2 Additional Screens ................. $1.00 / Day
                                     $  2.25 / Day
                                     $821.25 / Year
                                     $ 68.44 / Month

Total Cost of the above Sample Home Page 
with 4 Buttons                  =  $    6.00 / Day
                                   $2,190.00 / Year
                                   $  182.50 / Month

Now your Business is Open 24 Hours a Day, World Wide, with no Extra Staffing Cost.

1996 Pricing

Basic Business Presence ........................ $  950.00/year

Imagine  every  aspect  of  your  business  being converted for
electronic  sales  and  promotion.  A  Home  Page  with 1 hyper
link and 2 Sub Screens. All the  pictures  and content  you can 
pack into a 1/4 meg.

Superior Business Presence ........... $1,500.00-$5,000.00/year

Sometimes your business  involves  large inventories, catalogue
sales  or  a  host  of  services.  5 - 15  screens of activity.
How  about an Audio  Commercial? A Video clip  or  Slide  show?  
Clickable  forms  designed  to  help the customer  look through 
your inventory and buy on-line. Hundreds of options. Everything 
you  can  pack  in to  a  1/2 meg of computer space. This is an 
ideal way for  your business  to go beyond sales by promoting a 
special event, theme or a contest.

Full Corporate Custom Site .............. $.................... 
This fully customizable site will allow for almost any activity
your company may want to have on the Internet.  From Real Audio
to VDOLive we can include them all.  The only limit is how much
you are willing to spend.

All Sites Include

     Minor up-dates to your site at no charge.   Submitting  to
     any 2 Search Engines is also included.

Extras for All Sites

     Submitting your URL to  any  additional Search Engines you
     specify at a cost of $10.00 / Search Engine.

* Contracts are for 1 year, cancellation 6 month.

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