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No Other Industry has a better Growth Potential
Marginal Investment needed.

We supply a Full Service Franchise.

What will you receive for your money?

An Internet Publishing and Life -Style Magazine.

  1. A Front End , Ready-to-Go Life Style Magazine.
  2. Various Categories: Including City Life, State/Prov. Life, Regional or Country Life
  3. You Name it
  4. Marginal Investment needed.

B&W Virtual Publishers supplies a Full Service Franchise

What do you get for your Money?

A Front End, Ready-to-Go Virtual Life-Style Magazine.


What have you got to offer this BUSINESS?

Would you consider yourself a SALES Professional?

Are you COMPUTER Literate?

You should live near a City/Sate/Prov./Country of approx. 100,000 in population.... with Small/Medium Businesses; Tourist Areas do very well.

Whether you are a Sales or Computer Oriented Person the Internet should be your thing, you're SET-to-GO from DAY-ONE.

Designing award winning Web-Sites will be your business. Generating income for you and the magazine. If you have the skill you're all set... If you need Help!!! Our PROFESSIONALS at B&W Virtual Publishers will supply design for a 60/40 split. 60% for you !!!


News-Papers ,Flyers and other Hard-Copy. Radio and Television. All at a hefty charge to you.

NOW businesses have the opportunity to be OPEN 24 HOURS a day, every day of the year at a fraction of the cost charged by the above Advertisers.

Now YOUR BUSINESS can reach the BIGGEST potential audience ever....

The WORLD WIDE WEB: A New and INNOVATIVE Place for Business and Consumers.

"Canada's Northern Life" has a proven concept for the WWW/Internet Advertising Community.

A proven Concept and a proven Place for your Clients' Ad's.


The "Life Style Virtual Magazine" concept with Entertainment content draws more Internet users than any other medium on the Net.

The identification factor with a City / State or Country Life Style Magazines have the perfect advertisement sales benefit for your new venture.

Prices are in Categories

  1. City Life-Style
  2. Provincial / State Life-Style
  3. Regional Life-Style
  4. Country Life-Style

Straight forward and VERY AFFORDABLE

Plus 15% of all Commercial Web-Site Placement.


2 Regional Category 1 City

B&W Virtual Publishers

We will assure that your "Life-Style Virtual Magazine" is a success in design and content. We have all the rights reserved to monitor your magazine for Content and Design Quality. We will supervise and help you to produce award winning publications.

B&W Virtual Publishers is proud to announce that we have Won the


From the All-Internet Business to Business Directory.

The Directory wrote "B&W Virtual Publishers is a World Class Internet development firm that produces a Virtual Magazine called Northern Life. This award winning firm now has over 12 awards for excellence."

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Ralph-A. Wanka Publisher
Irving A. Briscoe Editor and Technical Advisor

PS: As of September 21 ,1996 we have a total of 22 Awards.

"B&W Virtual Publishers on the Internet and World Wide Web"



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