1957 Fairlane 500 2 door Victoria Hardtop

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Ford Fairlane 500 2 door Victoria Hardtop

1. New rubber seal in back window was changed when rear glass was removed to install NEW HEADLINER.
2. Roof was repainted at same time as rear glass removal.
3. Generator was completely rebuilt with all new parts.
4.New radiator about 5 yrs ago.
5.All new upholstery and carpet in car and trunk but not factory material.
6.All new duel exhaust system and have crossover pipe and muffler for single exhaust system.
7.All new blackwall radial tires.
8.All new universal joints.
9.All new wheel cylinders for brakes.
10. Continental kit installed about 5 yrs ago.
11.Engine fully rebuilt with all new parts like cam,pistons and valves.
12.Rebuilt fordomatic trans complete with new bands and two new oil pumps.
13.New rear pinion seal.

This car is very straight and has been restored from the frame up. It still has factory undercoating on it. It is a rust free car with no bodyfiller.

57 Ford.

C = 292 engine
7 = 1957 N = Norfolk, VA assyemble plant

V = Basic body styleVictoria hardtop
1333365 the 33365 Ford car assembled at Norfolk for the 1957 model year/ 19B1825D
19B = Febuary 19,1957 build date
1825 .. I'm not sure of this as it meant different things at different plants (and at different times too) but I belive it is the the last four digits of the dealer number. D = 4th care of that dealer number (trucks could carrier 4 cars at a time and dealers were given a shipping discount they ordered a truck load.
Body 63A = Fairlane 500 2 door Victoria Hardtop
YE = Paint, Lower color "Inca Gold" upper color "White" (roof would also be same as lower color) If code was YE2 roof would be white, if YE3 car would be solid Inca Gold with a white top. AT = Trim Black vinyl with Gold ribbed Fabric.
Memo upholstery different colors different material

$35,500.00 CDN Dollar
Val Caron, Ontario


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